Configure Log4j2 Converter Plugin -Java (Filter log messages)

Apache Log4j2 is used for printing info, error, debug, trace logging statements in enterprise applications. Inorder to format all the log messages externally before printing in logs, we need to create Filters in Log4j 1.x versions. In Log4j2 , we can use LogEventPatternConverter to filter/convert/format log messages before printing in the log files in server. …

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Configure Log4j2 -Java in minutes

Apache Log4j2 is used for printing info, error, debug, trace logging statements in enterprise applications. Apache Log4j2.x is an extension of Log4j1.x which has more significant features comparatively.Since major security vulnerabilities like Log4jShell & hacking possibilities are identified in Log4j1.x, it is always recommended to use Log4j2.x. It is pretty simple to configure Log4j2 in …

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SimpleDateFormat (Parse Date)

Date conversions are very common scenarios in any application., Java Provides SimpleDateFormat class for String to Date, Date to String conversions. The below example shows How String format can be converted to Date Format. How to find difference between 2 Dates. Code:


Tranform XML using XSLT (XML XSLT)

To transform XML to another XML/HTML/TEXT format using XSLT., we need the following files. Input XML (.xml) XSLT file which contains the transformation script. (.xsl) The below XML (input.xml) input file, can be transformed into a html with the xsl (trans.xsl) file. Sample Input XML:File: input.xml

In the above XML file, we could see …

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What is XSLT?

XSLT is called as Extensible Stylesheet Language Tranformations. XSLT is a language to transform an XML document to another documents, like XML documents, HTML documents, Text Documents etc., Its a transformation language mainly used for transformation. For transformation of a XML Documents, the following file formats are used. An Input XML document which needs to …

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XML – What is XPath?

The XPath language is a tree representation of XML documents. It allows the user to navigate around the document’s tree, selecting nodes by various criteria. Originally created to provide a common language and behavior model between XSLT and XPointer, XPATH is often used in other W3C standards For the below XML.,

The XPATH to …

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XML DOM – Document Object Model

DOM – Document Object Model is a language independent interface where each Node is an Object provides the data of the document in the XML tree structure. The standard is maintained by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) XML DOM provides the details to get, change, add & delete XML elements in a XML document.

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XML Tree & Nodes

In a XML Document, each Element is called as Nodes., More than one Nodes, when they are linked together forms an XML., An XML contains one single parent element, and any number of child elements, and each child element again contains child elements on its own., and totally we can refer it as XML Tree., …

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XML Introduction

XML – Extensible MarkUp Language What is MarkUp Language? Markup language is a language that defines the format of document or web page, so that the browser/systems understands and apply the formats to the contents and visually provide formatted contents to the users. Markup languages are used only to format the text.,and while displaying the …

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