Spring Boot Application with JSP

Spring Boot Application is a stand-alone solution of a normal Spring Web Application. It comes with pre-configured conventions of the spring settings.Hence Spring Boot Application needs little configuration and configurations when there is a specific change.  Features:  Create Stand alone Spring Applications.  Automatically include Spring configurations/load default configurations.  In Memory Tomcat Web server for standalone …

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Building JSON Object Java

A JSON Object can be created using Java very easily using any JSON library.We are using JSON-Simple.jar to build/parse the JSON Object using Java.

Results: {“names”:”testjsonuser3″,”actions”:”IllustrateJSONObjectInScript”,”logincount”:3} We could see the result displays the JSON Object., and it has string field printed with double quotes.The java Object is created with only name value pairs in …

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Parsing JSON Object – Java

In Java, JSON object can be directly converted to String and we can do String manipulations. Also, the JSON Object created can be parsed using the field name present in JSON Object.


The “names”, “actions” and “logincount” values is displayed by parsing the object jsonObject directly in java as explained.