XML – What is XPath?

The XPath language is a tree representation of XML documents. It allows the user to navigate around the document’s tree, selecting nodes by various criteria. Originally created to provide a common language and behavior model between XSLT and XPointer, XPATH is often used in other W3C standards For the below XML.,

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XML DOM – Document Object Model

DOM – Document Object Model is a language independent interface where each Node is an Object provides the data of the document in the XML tree structure. The standard is maintained by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) XML DOM provides the details to get, change, add & delete XML elements in a XML document.

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XML Tree & Nodes

In a XML Document, each Element is called as Nodes., More than one Nodes, when they are linked together forms an XML., An XML contains one single parent element, and any number of child elements, and each child element again contains child elements on its own., and totally we can refer it as XML Tree., … Continue reading “XML Tree & Nodes”

XML Introduction

XML – Extensible MarkUp Language What is MarkUp Language? Markup language is a language that defines the format of document or web page, so that the browser/systems understands and apply the formats to the contents and visually provide formatted contents to the users. Markup languages are used only to format the text.,and while displaying the … Continue reading “XML Introduction”