Tranform XML using XSLT (XML XSLT)

To transform XML to another XML/HTML/TEXT format using XSLT., we need the following files. Input XML (.xml) XSLT file which contains the transformation script. (.xsl) The below XML (input.xml) input file, can be transformed into a html with the xsl (trans.xsl) file. Sample Input XML:File: input.xml

In the above XML file, we could see … Continue reading “Tranform XML using XSLT (XML XSLT)”

What is XSLT?

XSLT is called as Extensible Stylesheet Language Tranformations. XSLT is a language to transform an XML document to another documents, like XML documents, HTML documents, Text Documents etc., Its a transformation language mainly used for transformation. For transformation of a XML Documents, the following file formats are used. An Input XML document which needs to … Continue reading “What is XSLT?”