XML Introduction

XML – Extensible MarkUp Language

What is MarkUp Language?

Markup language is a language that defines the format of document or web page, so that the browser/systems understands and apply the formats to the contents and visually provide formatted contents to the users.

Markup languages are used only to format the text.,and while displaying the document the markup language will not be displayed.

There are different MarkUp languages like HTML, XML etc.,

  • HTML – HyperText MarkUp Language
  • XML – Extensible MarkUp Language
  • XHTML – Extensible HyperText MarkUp Language


The above script is HTML, however all browsers read the HTML snippet and understand Heading and Body it needs to be displayed visually to the user.

The above HTML code will be displayed as.,



The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


XML – Extensible MarkUp Language

XML languages are extension of HTML language.,

HTML uses tags., whereas XML uses nodes., so the parsing of data is clear and ORGANISED and mostly used for intermediate data communication between the any type of systems.

Simple XML:

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