XML transform using XSLT In Java

XSLT is Extensible Style Sheet Transformation which is used to transform/convert a XML to another HTML/XML structure with the help of XSL document.

In this example, we are going to convert 1.xml to 2.xml structure with the help of XSL document., in Java.


Load the input XML inside the DOM parser as document. Load the input XSL in a Stream.
Using the inbuilt DOM XML transformer in Java, transform the XML to another XML with the help of XSLT.

Input XML: (1.XML)

XSLT Tranformation File (2.XSL)

In the below Java Program, the above XML is transformed to the output XML., using the XSLT. XSLT provides the details such as where the values needs to be placed/ordered.

The above Program applies the XSLT to the XML and generates the below XML as the output XML. (3.XML)

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