JSON Formatter / Pretty Print

Validate and format JSON data to ensure it conforms to the JSON specification.

{ "test_number": 123456, "test_string": "mystring" }

This tool can help developers catch errors early on in the development process, saving time and preventing potential issues down the line.

Javascript has native methods for parsing/validating the interchange formats like JSON & XML etc.,
For Validating/conversions JSON using Javascript, JSON.parse()/JSON.stringify method can be used as shown below.,

JSON.parse(jsonstr) method takes the input string, and convert to JSON Object, so that we key value pairs can be used easily. e.g., (jsonobj.key returns value);

JSON.stringify(jsonObj) takes the JsonObj as input and returns the string.,

     function validateJSON(jsonstr) {
  	       try {
  	           var jsonObj = JSON.parse(jsonstr);
         	   alert("Valid JSON");
           } catch(e){ 
               console.log('Validate Error Json :' + e);
	           alert("Invalid JSON");