How to Configure/Serve Domains & SubDomains in NgInx server

Setup Records For Domain/SubDomain in Domain Provider(NameCheap/GoDaddy/Any) The first step in the NgInx configuration is to check whether domain/subdomain is pointed to server(Hosting) address. To point any Domain( to the hosting server, we need to configure server address in Manage DNS. Login to your Domain Provider, select your domain and click on “Manage DNS” or …

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Top Java Interview Programs

Fibonacci series Fibonacci Series is one of the basic questions in Java., to check the programmer has a basic understanding of logic implementation in java. In Fibonacci series, the current number is always the sum of previous two numbers. Fibonacci series is initialized with 0 & 1. 0, 1, (0+1)2, (1+2)3, (2+3)5, (3+5)8, (5+8)13….

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HTML Tags: Summary

Tag Description <!– … –> Defines a comment <!DOCTYPE> Defines the document type  <html> Defines the root of an HTML document <head> Contains meta information about the document, such as the title and character encoding <title> Defines the title of the document, which is displayed in the browser’s title bar or tab <body> Contains the …

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HTML Web Storage

HTML web storage provides two objects for storing data on the client: LocalStorage – Data is stored permanently, until it is explicitly deleted. Example code:

SessionStorage – Data is stored for a single session and is deleted when the browser is closed. Example Code:

HTML Media

Multimedia on the web is  images, music, videos, movies and animations. it comes with alot of format. some sample are mp3, mp4, .mpg, .wmv, and .avi. Images:

The <img> element is used to include images in a webpage. The src attribute specifies the URL of the image file, and the alt attribute provides alternative text …

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HTML Canvas Graphics

The HTML <canvas> element is used to draw graphics on a web page. Example:

HTML Forms:

Example for HTML Forms :

you can also use action tag as shown below to submit to actionpage define: <form action=”/actionPage.html”> If you click the “Submit” button, the form-data will be sent to a page called “/actionPage.html”.

HTML Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design creates web pages that will look great and user friendly on all devices. It  is responsible for will automatically adjust for different screen sizes ,devices and viewports. To create a responsive website, add the <meta> tag to all your web pages: Syntax: <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″> Below is the example for responsive design : Example: HTML …

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HTML JavaScript

JavaScript also known as client side script used to make HTML pages more dynamic.  it is widely used for image processing, form validations, checks and dynamically changing content. We need to write javascript under <script> tag. Syntax: <script>document.getElementById(“test”).innerHTML = “Hello World!”;</script>

HTML Iframe :

An HTML iframe is used to embed another document within the current HTML document. Syntax <iframe src=”url” title=”description”></iframe> Example:

src attribute refer to the target need to be fetch inside iframe. title refer to frame title height & width refer to size of the iframe need to be loaded inside parent window.

HTML Attributes

1) Class Attribute The HTML class attribute is used to specify a class for an HTML element. it can be used many times in single file. the file could be CSS or JS file. In below example .fruit will be applied to both div elements.

2) id Attribute The HTML id attribute is used to define a unique id …

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